Saturday, April 16, 2011

Anything you need to know about MARA (part 2)


MARA, an autonomous body responsible to the Minister of Rural and Regional Development. MARA Council members are the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and nine other members, three of whom are civil workers. All Council members are appointed by the Minister of Rural and Regional Development.

The Chief Executive is the Director General and he is assisted by three Deputy Directors General. Section headed by the Director and the units under the control of the unit performing the functions of the MARA at the headquarters level and supported by the 14 MARA State Office, including the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Labuan, and MARA District Office. MARA also operates in London, Washington DC, Bangkok, Dublin, Frankfurt and New South Wales.


MARA's operation runs through the center of operations throughout the country and outside the country. These operation centers includes:

  • Headquarters
  • MARA State Office
  • MARA Regional Office
  • MRSM
  • MARA College
  • IKM
  • MARA Top Skills Institute
  • Poly-Tech MARA College
  • MARA Bus Vehicle
  • MARA Overseas Office
  • MARA Professional Office

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